Kim Kardashian’s Topless Instagram Photos

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Kim Kardashian’s Topless Instagram Photos

Social media channels without the reality TV star Kim Kardashian are like a lock without key. The internet world does not mean much without the Kim Kardashian Instagram Photos and her headlines. She always comes back on the twitter, Instagram and other media channels with her interesting and amazing stories providing lots of spice for the audience.


You can see several Kim Kardashian Selfie Pics on instagram including the behind-the-scenes moments, ultra-sexy glam shots, and much more. She has a lot of selfies to add in her collection. Kim is the reigning queen of selfies having the largest selfie book. From her world travels to informal family photos with loving husband Kanye West and baby North, her ardent fans are getting a look of beautiful pictures into Kim’s over-the-top world.

Recently sometimes later, this television star who is just 35 years old has shared her new pictures. After her gunpoint jewelry robbery in the Paris, she had scale back on social media with topless Kim Kardashian Instagram Pictures. It reveals Kim plans on pressing the charge against a prankster who aims to kiss her behind.

However, this prank attack is not the latest news to Kim because she was trapped by the same person Vitalii at the fashion week in Paris. This new incidence happened in the last month of September when Kim was walking down the street after leaving the Balmain offices. Vitalii slipped the past security and attempt to tackle her. The moment seems exactly as if he is trying to kiss her behind. Fortunately, Kim’s bodyguard pinned him to the ground and stop him from reaching her and make any bad thing.

The same incident happens two years while Sediuk caused problem by trying to hold the TV superstar Kim Kardashian when she reached for the presentation of same brand in the year 2014. He came just few inches away from tackling Kim to the ground when he ran and attempts to take hold of her legs before Stephanie Sheppard (Kim’s assistant) and a minder sprung take any action. But he was pinned to the ground by her bodyguard. Sediuk cover his face when the attention of nearby people and camera turned on him.

Kim appeared unconscious to the confusing situation unfolding around her until the last moment. She seems traumatized as she was drawn away by her followers. This incident depressed her so much that she decides to take lawful action against him. According to the source, Kim plans on pressing charges and reached out to the authorities of French to file a case against Sediuk because this is not the first incident even it is second time when he tried to do this. She thinks he will try this thing again on her. Kim has no idea why he is doing this and what is his main intention behind this.


Kim’s attack happens just a week after 27-year-old prankster was prodded in the face by the great supermodel Gigi Hadid after he lifted her during the Milan Fashion Week. After this incident, she said that I want every girl to watch this video and understand that they have the great right and confidence to fight back for their protection when ever face this kind of unsafe situation.

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